Do you work indoors? Most of us do: teachers, nurses, merchants, office and factory workers, etc. Or maybe you just spend time indoors while shopping, dining, attending a show, visiting museums, worshiping, or the like.  Did you know that nearly all indoor spaces use a top-down ventilation system that promotes the spread of harmful aerosols? Ventilation is the third leg of the triad that combined with masking/cleaning and vaccines will end the pandemic. Drennen Engineering, Inc. of Windsor Connecticut is working on ventilation solutions that reduce inhalation hazards and that make indoor spaces safer and we need your support.

Through analysis and testing, we would provide design guidelines for HVAC professionals to convert current top-down mixing flow patterns to upward, purging flow patterns, that quickly remove airborne hazards.  Recommended design upgrades would be selected to integrate with existing ventilation equipment wherever possible and supplemented with new equipment as needed.

Our research and modeling show that no amount of physical distancing or air preparation is sufficient to reduce inhalation hazards posed by conventional top-down ventilation practices. This video demonstrates those dangers in a generic classroom type indoor space.

If you would like to help fund our continued development efforts to revolutionize ventilation practices for the times ahead, you can make a donation here to our GoFundMe fundraiser.

Ventilate and Open America

And if you are a business that would like to host a ventilation demonstration project that makes indoor spaces safer for you, your staff and customers, please contact us through this site.