Power Generation Services Related to Fly Ash Erosion (FAE) and Ash Plugging

Utility and industrial power plants across the United States, Canada and overseas have completed fly ash erosion (FAE) control programs. In the USA alone, 20 utilities, representing 40 units and all major boiler manufacturers, and 7 industrial sites have participated in some form of FAE/plugging control programs. Overseas participation increased as the positive benefits were demonstrated.*

Most programs have been conducted along the NORMAL TRACK, with the Cold AIr Velocity Test (CAVT) performed during one outage and the baffles installed during a later outage. Several sites have opted for the FAST TRACK approach, where baffles are designed before the outage. The CAVT is then done at the beginning of the outage with modifications made to the design if needed. Baffles are installed and a follow-up CAVT performed at the end of the outage to ensure adequacy of the controls.

Computer modeling and physical modeling can be performed in lieu of the CAVT when the unit is unavailable or there is an urgent need for a solution. Baseline as-is geometries would be modeled first with flow modification methods identified, tested and optimized.     -------->  FAE Program Conduct

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* See DE Program-Sites on Experience page.