Incorporated 1998

Drennen Engineering, Inc.Consulting Services - Commercial Ventilation

Improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • Air Flow Pattern Measurement and Visualization
  • Recommendations for HVAC Modifications to Systematically Purge Interior Spaces
    Using the CoVentilation™ Method
  • Reduce Vapor Inhalation Hazards
  • Save Lives and Livelihoods

To improve IAQ by reducing hazardous vapors is going to require a revolution in practices and procedures related to interior ventilation. DE offers a systematic approach to examine current practices, identify shortfalls, and recommend CoVentilation™ methods to improve air flow into, through, and out of commercial spaces.

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Consulting Services - Power Generation

Reducing O&M Costs and Improving Unit Availability

  • Gas-Side Flow Patterns - Measurement and Visualization
  • Flow Modification - Systematic Redistribution of Gas and Gas-borne Ash (particulate) to uniform Levels.
  • Reduce Pressure Part Failures due to Fly Ash (Particulate) Impact Erosion
  • Reduce O&M Costs and Improve Unit Availability

Since 1998 DE has provided engineering services to measure, visualize and modify boiler gas-side flow and fly ash (particulate) distributions. Flow adjustments can prevent pressure part and structural support failures and increase process efficiency. 

38 years experience in Power Generation related services. For information about the systematic approach to boiler reliability improvement related to FAE, start at Background.